home story in Zuerich

17. September 2017


Who would have thought that the weather would be so generous to us. We already planning an indoor home story with Michelle & Jon, when suddenly the sun started peaking. To sum up, we decided to relocate outdoors for the photo shoot.

Home stories are photo shoots, which take place at the couples home. In a relaxed state and atmosphere some couples feel more comfortable for an intimate photography session. With Michelle and Jon we planned an indoor shoot, when the sun started to peak. We decided to go for a walk and it was totally worth the change of plans. But have a look for yourself.


Aus Fotos lassen sich wunderschöne Slideshows erstellen. Ich habe euch hier noch die Fotostrecke von Michelle & Jon als Slideshow gepostet. Falls ihr noch eine andere Bildstrecke mit Musik hinterlegt sehen möchtet, dann schaut doch mal bei Ruth & Claudio vorbei.