Engagement Walensee

19. May 2017

When two people have found their destiny, they are unstoppable. Salome and Silas have found such a purpose, a vision together. After their wedding, they want to move to Senegal to fulfill their dream of building a hotel and start a surf school. As a true gentleman, Silas wanted to make a special wedding proposal for Salome. When we discussed the ideas together, we quickly agreed on the Walensee region for the perfect proposal location. You can clearly see the Swiss Alps from there and have the beautiful Walensee at your feet. As a surprise for Salome, Silas had her kidnapped by his friends. They brought Salome to the proposal spot where Silas was waiting for her. When she finally arrived he got on his knees and asked the big question. I am grateful to be part of their story. To hold on to such moments for eternity. But enough of the words. Enjoy the picture gallery.