Wedding Zweisimmen

30. January 2018

With no intention of finding the love of his life, Alain starts his adventure to the other side of the globe. Unexpectedly he finds the love of his life in Australia. A couple of years later, the two enter into the covenant of marriage in Zweisimmen. An incredible love story and a huge honor for me to be their wedding photographer at their wedding in Zweisimmen.

I love to spend time with people. I skyped with Alain and Desiree before their wedding day. The Skype call is a perfect opportunity to get to know each other. They then told me in detail how they got to know each other in Australia. Desiree, who is originally from Venezuela, unexpectedly met the Berner Oberländer Alain and their love story took its course. After Alain returned from his journey from Australia, he had only one thought: go back to Desiree. Fast forward to the present day, the two are reunited and now both ready to celebrate their wedding in Zweisimmen. At the beautiful Forellensee the two found their perfect location for their wedding in Zweisimmen. There is a small island in the middle of the Forellensee, which is accessible by a beautiful bridge, where the ceremony took place. Maybe the images give you a better understanding of how beautiful this place really is.

Hochzeitsfotograf Zweisimmen