Wedding preperations – tips and tricks

17. May 2018

It is becoming more and more popular to take pictures of the preparations on the wedding day. After all, it is an important part of the wedding. Without the preparations there would be no bride in the wedding dress and no groom in the wedding suit. Why I consider it important to allow the wedding preparation to be recorded, you can read in the following article and give you a little insight into how the whole thing could look like.

For me as a storyteller, the wedding preparation is an important part of the wedding. On the one hand the atmosphere between bride, bridesmaids and family can be impressively captured and on the other hand it gives me as a wedding photographer the opportunity to see and get to know the most important persons before the official wedding ceremony. It’s the moments when a woman turns into a bride to your husband. The little moments when you look in the mirror and rejoice in the beauty. And boys, it’s the moments when you as a boys club smoke the cigars together before the wedding, the moments when you still play the last Fifa sessions with the groom. In the following I would like to give you a few tips that you can take into consideration for the photos at the wedding preparation.

Hochzeitsfotograf Zürich

Hochzeitsvorbereitung - Chris Züger Fotografie

Wedding preparation – A tidy room is half the battle

For the perfect photos it is advisable to clean up the rooms and rooms which you use for the wedding preparation. First of all, it doesn’t only look better on the photos, you also minimize the risk of leaving anything important for the wedding. You can also book a hotel room for the night before the wedding and meet your witnesses there for the preparations. Your wedding photographer will help you if you have any questions. Otherwise you can just write me a message. I’ll be glad to help you.


Wedding preparation – plan enough time

Plan enough time! It can quickly happen that your make-up and hairstyle need more time than expected, or you just spent a little longer at the breakfast table and the last thing you want on your wedding day is stress. Ask your make-up artist how much time he/she would calculate and add a buffer time. Don’t forget to include the time to get from point A to point B.

This is also emphasized by the make-up artist. Susanne, from sgmakeup. She is one of my favourite make-up and hair artists and she recommends you to calculate two hours. So if you don’t have anyone yet, I recommend that you book them quickly before someone snaps the date away.

“I allow about two hours. It depends on the effort, but as a rule this lump sum applies. I’m expecting enough time for the unforeseen anyway.” Susanne Giovanettoni



Hochzeit Schwarzwald Titisee Hochzeit Schwarzwald Titisee Hochzeit Schwarzwald Titisee

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Wedding preparation – take advantage of the moment with the family

As soon as the wedding starts, you’re surrounded by your loved ones. Family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances want to spend time with you and before you know it the wedding day is already over. You can also make good use of the time before the wedding ceremony to spend time with your closest friends and family and to eat with them, laugh and just enjoy their time. These are very emotional and precious moments that make a wonderful start to the day.

Wedding preparation – Have someone you trust

As you may have read by now, the wedding preparations can be very personal and intimate. It is therefore important that you trust your wedding photographer. I recommend you, meet your photographer and talk to him/her about personal topics. You will quickly recognize whether you are on the same wavelength and whether you want to leave the person in your inner circle. During my first conversation I talk to my future brewing couples about their hobbies, dreams and goals. We laugh a lot, I tell them about my most embarrassing moments and give them an insight into my life. Many are surprised that we don’t talk about packages, prices, options, contracts, etc. right away. The formal things will certainly also be discussed, but it is important to me to get to know you as a couple first and to give you the opportunity to get to know me as a wedding photographer and storyteller.


Hochzeitsvorbereitung - Chris Züger FotografieHochzeitsvorbereitung - Chris Züger FotografieHochzeitsvorbereitung - Chris Züger Fotografie

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