Wedding at lake Cauma in Flims

26. February 2020

Wedding at lake Cauma in Flims

Dear Nathan and Mianmian. When I first met you on that very first video call, I knew instantly that you guys were made for each other. The way you Nathan, looked at Mianmian and the way you guys talked to each other. As far as I can recall you guys met while studying. The amazing story of how you proposed to Mianmian in front of the temple arch will always be at my heart. To this day, I still keep your invitation on my shelf to remind myself how generous and welcoming you are. From the first moment on you took me into your circle of friends, and I am very thankful for that.


Getting to lake Cauma in Flims

I remember when I drove up to Flims to meet you Mianmian in your hotel at Waldhaus Flims. It is always such a great pleasure for me as a wedding photographer to visit an amazing place like Flims. You seemed at peace and were really calm. Surrounded by all of your friends who help you prepare for your big wedding day at lake Cauma. And let me tell you about the dress that your friend made for you, it was simply stunning!


Lake Cauma wedding simply stunning

Nathan, when I ran into you at the lake Cauma parking lot, I saw the happiness in your eyes, but also the tiny little bit of nervousness. Of course as we know, men are never ever nervous before a wedding. Meeting your friends by the lake and seeing how happy they are for you and Mianmian was one of my favourite moments. I hope that I could catch every raw emotion of your friends. As a wedding photographer I can tell you that there is nothing more valuable than having all of your loved ones close to you on that special day. Especially in that magnificent venue. To get married at lake Cauma is truly something special and it fits perfectly to you.

I can’t wait to see you soon again


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