Winter couple photos – lake Cauma

1. June 2020

Winter couple photos – lake Cauma

For their engagement photos I drove with Luisa and Tobias to beautiful Graubünden to visit the famous lake Cauma. By now word has spread about how beautiful this lake is and attracts a lot of tourists in summer. As a wedding photographer I already had the chance to document a wedding at this beautiful lake and I am always happy to return to such a beautiful place like this.


Tips for your trip to lake Cauma

Through my work as a wedding photographer I already had the chance to admire the lake in every season and can also tell you that this lake is a tourist magnet. So here are a few tips for your unforgettable time at lake Cauma (especially if you want to have some couple photos ;-) ). Try to avoid the weekends as good as possible. Tourists and day-trippers, who make a short stop here, will swarm this place and you won’t find any peace here. If you still can’t avoid the weekends, I highly recommend that you try to come here as early as you can. The earlier you are here, the better the chances that you wil still find a parking spot.


Couple photos at lake Cauma – beautiful not only in summer

Let me say one thing in advance, the lake is cold even in summer! We were there once in July and once in August and the lake is nice and cool even in the blazing midday sun. So if you want to swim in the lake and don’t have Viking blood, I recommend you visit the lake in summer. Otherwise you can visit the lake all year round and you will be rewarded with a fantastic view! But in winter, the lake Cauma is covered with ice and snow. But my personal favourite season at lake Cauma remains autumn! Far fewer tourists, fantastic colours and the light in autumn in the mountains is out of this world.


Directions, parking spaces and the way to lake Cauma

From Chur you reach the exit of the A13 Reichenau Disentis/Muster Illanz Flims. From there the road takes you past Trin and the Crestasee. Don’t miss the Flims exit before the tunnel entrance, otherwise you will have to go through the tunnel first and your next turning point is the roundabout near Laax. If you have done everything right, drive through Flims village and past the cable car in Flims before a sign shows you the way to lake Cauma. Make sure you don’t miss the junction here! It’s easy to miss the sign. Once you arrive at the car park, you can set off in the direction of the lake. The first step for your couple photos at lake Cauma is done ;-). Now you have two possibilities, either you take the hiking trail down to the lake or the tourist funicular down to the lake. The latter will lead to waiting times at the weekend (note that the funicular is only in operation during the season). The way down to the lake is a great experience in itself, which is why I recommend you to take this little hike.