Home Session in Zurich

1. May 2020

Couples photos in Zurich

Benji and Kim prove in their home that couple photos are possible everywhere and that you don’t always need a breathtaking mountain panorama. When Connie and I entered their apartment, we wished for an apartment as beautiful as they have. It was all a question of the interior designer. I think Kim has to visit us!

Bad weather option for couple photos

If you are looking for a good bad weather option for couple photos, you can also have the photos taken at your home. Also known as Homstories, many couples have their pictures taken in their beautiful homes. You don’t have to go shopping at IKEA before taking the pictures. As long as you feel comfortable within your own four walls, we can make your dream photos come true.

Preparations for a home story

What do you need to consider for a home story? Ask yourself what kind of aesthetics you want to strive for. In a next step, look for inspiration on Pinterest or Instagram. Remember, it’s your home. So you don’t have to turn it upside down, you can work with the one you have at home. I suggest you clean up your home for the shoot and get rid of anything you don’t want in your pictures. For example old laundry, socks, old souvenirs etc. The most important thing about the photos is you!

What should I wear for a photo shoot?

Things you feel comfortable in! If you are looking for a specific aesthetic, or if you already have a color palette in your head, the better, otherwise I can help you to create the right style for your photo shoot. There is a simple rule of thumb: The more minimalist the style of clothing, the easier it is to combine with your partner. Patterns, motifs and more are not impossible and make the combination with your partner’s style a bit more complex. If you are not sure, just come to me. I will gladly help you!

We have never done a couples shooting before!

No problem! As a wedding photographer and storyteller, 99% of all my couples have never been in front of the camera together. Don’t worry about how, where, what I’m here for! I help you to get in the right mood and forget the camera completely. Are you ready? Then write me a message now! I am looking forward to meet you soon!