Engelberg for first-time visitors

Hey there! Happy you found this blog post. Are you planning to visit Engelberg? Obviously if you visit this beautiful area in the heart of Switzerland in the winter, you have to go ski- or snowboarding. There are entire blog posts dedicated to the ins and outs of what and where you can go to enjoy your winter holiday. If you don’t have much time to visit the town of Engelberg itself, let me help you. Here is a super short walk through that you can easily do in one afternoon.


Visit the heart of Engelberg

Not far away from the train station you will find Dorfstrasse. If you are heading east you will get to all the major shops in Engelberg. If you are looking for a grocery store there is a Coop and Migros nearby. Also, you will find the Roastery Engelberg for a good cup of coffee. Following that street you will end up the entrance of the monastery.


Engelberg monastery

The monastery is a great place to walk through. Due to COVID-19 there is a 50-Person limit in the monastery church at the moment. There is also a little shop inside of the garden area, where you can buy local produce. I highly recommend trying the local beer.


Everything else in Engelberg

The good thing in Engelberg is that everything is close-by, and you don’t even have to take a bus. Everything is in walking distance and for you to enjoy. Even if you don’t stay in Engelberg, but want to make a day trip here, the gondolas are not far away. So pack your hiking boots and go and explore this beautiful little town.


Looking for a photoshoot?

Hey there! My name is Chris. I am a wedding photographer and storyteller from Switzerland. I love to meet new people and show them the beauty of Switzerland. If you are looking for couple photos, drop me a message! I love to read about your story and to create the best photos of your time here in Switzerland!