Couple Session Stadtgärtnerei Zuerich

17. May 2018

Paarshooting Stadtgärtnerei Zürich

We rarely expect snow in our city. But this winter has really snowed it in for us. And it wasn’t just the snow, but with it came the icy cold. No wonder many couples no longer dare to leave their homes. Except Natasha and Pascal. Despite traffic chaos and delayed trains, you made your way all the way to Zurich for a couple’s shooting.

Natascha and Pascal met in a summer camp of their church. But it took quite a while until they finally became a couple. Natasha herself told me that Pascal left her in the loop. For a long time she was “just” a good friend to him until one day Pascal relizsed that she wanted more than just beeing friends. Oh, and you should have seen her wedding. What an awesome wedding! If you ever have the chance to meet these two in person, than ask for the wedding photos. But back to the couple shoot. Together we made a small excursion for a couple’s shooting at the Stadtgärtnerei Zürich. While it was freezing cold and snowy outside, we were in the pleasant tropical warmth during the couple’s shooting. A couple shoot at the Stadtgärtnerei Zürich sounds amazing, but the humid climate was quite a challenge for my camera lens. In the end I was able to convince them to take some photos in the cold.