Couple session in the Graubünden Alps

28. November 2019


Couple photos in the Graubünden Alps

Kim and Markus are on the verge of their big world trip. But before they start their big trip around the globe, they wanted to come and visit me. Since they had never been to Switzerland before, I wanted to show them the beautiful sides of Switzerland. Especially the Graubünden Alps.

As a couple and wedding photographer I love the mountains. From Zurich the Bündnerland is also easily accessible by train, but we wanted to see as much as possible on this day and so the car was the perfect solution for us.


Lake Cauma – the dream of a wedding photographer

We made a small stop at Lake Cauma. The mountain lake is located in Flims and is meanwhile a well visited lake. Instagram and Co. have made it famous. So also on this day. Our goal was not a photo shooting at Lake Cauma, but to show Kim and Markus the beautiful mountain lake and to see the incredible color of the lake. Oh yes, soon there will be more content about this beautiful lake. This year I was allowed to be wedding photographer at Lake Cauma :-) but more soon!

Graubünden Alps – a magical place!

After the beautiful Lake Cauma, we made a short detour to the Crestasee. Normally the lake is less crowded, but when we were there we met countless bathers and tourists. So much for the insider tips ;-) Now let me just say, the Bündner Alps and valleys are fantastic. From Flims, via Disentis, Bergün, St. Moritz to Pontresina, I can’t help but be amazed. We absolutely wanted to go to the Lukmanierpass. Although I live in Switzerland, there are still so many places here which I have never seen before. This pass was on my list for a long time and I didn’t want to take the opportunity to discover this breathtaking landscape together with Kim and Markus.

Looking for a wedding photographer for the Swiss Alps?

Thank you so much for taking the time to read the blog about the couple photos in the Bündner Alps. If this is your first time here, I am Chris. Pair and wedding photographer from Switzerland. I love nature and my feel-good zone starts above the tree line ;-) What moves me are the stories of the people. Especially when two people decide to write the next chapter. If you are still looking for a wedding photographer, then I am looking forward to your story! Write me a message. I am looking forward to YOU!